Short Ones: Mandatory Multiplayer?

On our last podcast, we discussed whether multiplayer was a necessity to extend the life of video games. I’d just like to double down on the topic again on this post.

On the surface it seems that multiplayer indeed extends the lifespan of a video game. Many examples abound to support this: StarCraft, Halo, Call of Duty, to name a few. A couple of posts back, I talked about how I got caught up in the multiplayer craze. I mentioned how I’ve logged in more than 100 hours in Overwatch despite essentially playing “the same experience” over and over again. However, is it fair to say that multiplayer is guaranteed or even necessary to prolong a game’s life?


It makes sense, though, why publishers decided to tack on MP modes to these titles. Video games are expensive, so purchasing one is quite a heavy investment. One of the metrics we gamers use to judge if a product is worth a buy is the number of gameplay hours we can squeeze out of a game.Obviously, a game that’s 100 hours long must be better than a game that’s only 7 hours long, right?

If we look back at the last generation of video games, there are a number of titles that run contrary to this philosophy. Bioshock 2, Spec Ops: The Line, and even some of the Assassin’s Creed games featured multiplayer modes and yet no one plays these games anymore. In their case, they were all single player oriented and their main selling point was their stories.

There are also a number of titles that have gone beyond their expected lifespans without the use of multiplayer. Case in point is Skyrim. TES V was released way back in 2011 and yet its user base is as strong as ever. In fact, the game is so strong that Bethesda decided to release a re-mastered version of it titled “Skyrim Special Edition” just last year. Skyrim is a strictly single player existence yet its community has kept it thriving for over 5 years already. Bethesda’s Creation Kit that they released to the public has kept the game alive by continuously providing the game with new mods that add fresh content to the game. Because of community created content, it’s easy to crank out hundreds of hours on Skyrim more than was originally designed. Time will tell if Bethesda’s other flagship title, Fallout 4 will also stand the test of time but if Skyrim and its prequels, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, are anything to go by, mods will keep Fallout 4 alive for a long time, without the need for multiplayer.



Author: julul

Gamer, glutton, and frustrated critic

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